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Who we are

  • A team of professionals who successfully develop and  implement business IT solutions for over two years. We take on the challenge of complex technology provision for medium and large organizations.

    Our team implements the boldest business ideas at any stage of development.

    Devurai opens new opportunities for online business every day


What we do

  • Outstaffing

    The most efficient teams are the hardest to find, and we understand it. Outstaffing is a great way to solve the problem of a lackluster crew but finding the right people is still a problem. Thanks to the insightful years on the market, Devurai effortlessly brings such teams together as well as controls and expands them elevating projects with surprisingly productive cooperation.
  • Outsourcing

    We use our experience on the market to keep your project flow consistent, healthy, cost-cutting, and agile by providing the best fit of a staff member. A through and through research may not be enough to fully contribute to the project. We understand the compatibility of an employee before offering one. Our pick gets to the point.
  • Сonsulting

    We review and provide quality insight regarding any aspects of any project. From code, product, or specification reviews to team management and motivation assessment that ensures schedules are to be maintained. We also provide client insight and ensure the project meets expectations, budgets, and timing.
  • Project planning

    Our vast project planning experience delivers practical, effective solutions for your next project. We create viable plans that result in desired outcomes on schedule and on budget. Covering every aspect of the project requirements, our solutions minimize costs and maximize performance, delivering tangible improvements throughout the project lifespan.


Software development driving force. Devurai technologies are the key tool for outstanding customer-oriented service and best results. We’re excited about modern technology opportunities because this is how we always exceed your expectations!


Customer and result-oriented service

Timely delivery

Individual approach

Full-cycle developing and implementing an adaptation strategy adm

Our cases

Each day, we’re focused on building the future. Let us help you do the same.

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