QRest: Simplifying Inventory Management

Project duration: 8 months

About the client:

With more than 70 years of experience, our Client stands out as a leader in the home and hospitality textile industry. Millions of their annual repeat purchasers and thousands of satisfied retailers attest to the fact that they bring the best values to customers who dream of comfort, quality, and a touch of luxury. They have reached success owing to strict compliance with the highest standards and dedication to the well-being of their consumers.

Problem client faced:

As a manufacturer with multiple brands, our Client operated across numerous online marketplaces and websites to distribute their product range. However, this presented a significant challenge in maintaining a coherent database with uniform entries for each item in their inventory. The absence of an intermediary platform resulted in a disorderly inventory management system, characterized by duplications, variations in images, and inconsistent prices for identical products.

Our solution:

We’ve addressed this problem by introducing our innovative product collector. This solution consolidates products from disparate inventory systems into a single, user-friendly interface. Beyond mere aggregation, the product collector empowers users to effortlessly categorize products into groups, define variations, and seamlessly update data. The simplified process is designed to ensure swift and easy integration of modified products back into their original storage locations. By centralizing and streamlining these operations, we prioritize optimizing users’ time and enhancing their overall experience.

Key features:


Centralized panel synchronizing products from different sources

This feature efficiently syncs products from various sources, bringing them together in one convenient location. This ensures a unified and up-to-date product database, simplifying management and enhancing accuracy.
Screenshot of the interface for the Simplifying Inventory Management system, blurred for privacy.

Single, easy to use interface

This offers a streamlined and intuitive platform that simplifies tasks and interactions. With its user-friendly design, users can navigate effortlessly, access information promptly, and perform actions with minimal effort, ultimately enhancing productivity and user satisfaction.
Screenshot of the interface for the Simplifying Inventory Management system, blurred for privacy.

Organizing, editing, and posting products in third-party inventory software

This feature simplifies the management of product information, enabling efficient updates and seamless integration with external systems for a smoother workflow. This integration minimizes potential disruptions and enhances synchronizing product data across different platforms, contributing to a more cohesive and organized business operation.
Screenshot of the interface for the Simplifying Inventory Management system, blurred for privacy.


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