Property Evaluation Automation System

Project duration: 9 months

About the client:

The central aim of this project was to improve the efficiency of gathering data related to properties listed for sheriff’s sales. This involves creating a process for categorizing and organizing these properties within the system. The primary concept was based on the consolidation of essential information into a unified platform, simplifying data collection and assessment procedures. By doing so, the project optimized the overall workflow and ensured a comprehensive approach to managing properties slated for sheriff’s sales. This centralized approach not only expedites data collection but also improves the accuracy and effectiveness of property evaluation processes.

Problem client faced:

Before engaging our services, our client struggled with gathering data on properties listed for sheriff’s sales efficiently. Information was fragmented across multiple sources, leading to time-consuming processes and a lack of centralized oversight. Our solution addressed these challenges by providing a unified platform, streamlining data collection, and improving the accuracy of property evaluations.

Key features:


– Crawling data from various sources
– Microservice architecture
– State management feature
– Attribute-Based Access Control
– Full cycle of costs calculation including taxes
Screenshot of a property evaluation system


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  • Discovery
  • UX/UI Design
  • MVP
  • Functionality
  • Test
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