Blockchain Payment System

Project duration: Ongoing

About the client:

Our Client is the world’s fastest-growing blockchain payments system, including a multichain payment gateway for e-commerce or physical stores, crypto invoicing for companies or freelancers, and even streamlined ways to manage payroll

Problem client faced:

Having an ongoing project, our Client was dissatisfied with the previous project team and addressed our company to help enhance their existing system and transform it into a highly profitable crypto payment platform. The Client lacked new features which would suit their customers’ needs.

Our solution:

The Client came up with the idea of a new functionality that collectively offers a versatile financial and payment ecosystem that enables users to manage their finances, transact with cryptocurrency, and support charitable causes with ease and flexibility. Whether through virtual or physical cards, invoice creation, bill payments, or charitable donations, these services aim to simplify financial transactions and empower users to make the most of their resources.
Screenshot of the dashboard of the blockchain payment system

Key features:


Virtual Debit and Gift Cards:

They are not physical cards but can be used for online shopping, subscriptions, and other digital payments. The virtual debit and gift cards can be obtained and managed through a simple widget or a Telegram bot. Users may load crypto funds onto these cards, just like they would with a physical debit card, and use them for online transactions securely or send them to someone as a gift.
Screenshot of the login page where users enter their credentials to access the system

Physical Debit Cards with High Balance Limit:

This service provides digital debit cards that you can easily use both online and in stores. They also offer physical debit cards tailored for cryptocurrency users with a large spending limit. This means you can convert a lot of your cryptocurrency into regular money for everyday expenses.
Screenshot of the transactions page

Invoice Creation and Bill Payments:

Invoice Creation:
Users can generate invoices for goods or services they provide to others and receive payments in crypto money.

Bill Payments Compatibility: The system supports bill payments for a wide range of entities, including over 20,000 stores, credit card companies, banks, vendors, auto-related expenses, utilities, and more. Users can use the platform to conveniently pay their bills using cryptocurrency.
Screenshot of the dashboard of the blockchain payment system

Donation System:

This donation system allows users to make charitable donations without requiring any upfront sign-up, maintenance, or subscription fees. It’s a straightforward and accessible way for individuals to contribute to causes they care about without any financial barriers to entry.

E-commerce website integration

This feature incorporates increased security, and API connectivity, and supports refunds and chargebacks, fostering efficient and compliant cryptocurrency transactions in online retail.


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