KaneKarpet: Transforming Wholesale for a major carpet manufacturer’s website

Project duration: 9 months

About the client:

Our client, an industry leader since 1947, excels in innovation, discovering new possibilities within established habits. Based in Calhoun, Georgia, their central distribution hub ensures efficient service, supported by sales representatives worldwide. Specializing in mid to high-end carpet styles at competitive prices, the client offers services from pre-project consultation to custom selections. With a customer-focused approach, their experienced professionals are dedicated to satisfying unique client needs, keeping them at the forefront of flooring industry innovation.

Problem client faced:

The client, a top carpet manufacturer, came to us for help with their online store. Their existing e-commerce website had some big problems like glitches and a lack of essential functionality, making it hard for customers to navigate and complete purchases. The main features were outdated, and the site wasn’t responsive, adding to the difficulties users faced. Our task was to fix these issues and enhance the overall experience for the client and their customers.

Our solution:

Our team quickly addressed these issues, providing customized solutions to improve the website’s performance and appearance. The outcome was a refreshed website that not only resolved the challenges but also resulted in a significant uptick in both sales and customer satisfaction. The changes made a positive impact, creating a more engaging and user-friendly online shopping experience for the client’s customers.
Website for a carpet-selling company showcasing a variety of rugs, colors, and patterns for every style and budget.

Key features:


Smoothly-Working Slider Gallery on the Homepage:

Our team created a smooth slider gallery for the homepage, ensuring a visually appealing display of the carpet collection. Users can easily navigate through images, making the introduction to the products seamless and engaging.
Example of a carpet offered by the company Kane Carpets which will suit every interior

Functionality for Previewing Product Variations:

This feature lets users preview different product variations before making a purchase. It’s designed to be intuitive, allowing users to explore colors, sizes, and styles effortlessly.
Product page from a website for a carpet company showcasing elegant designs, skilled craftsmanship, and exceptional service.

Inspiration Gallery of Prominent Works:

This section showcases the best works with detailed product descriptions. This feature combines visually appealing images with informative content, providing users with an inspiring overview of the collection.
Website for Kane Carpeting - Explore our luxurious carpet collection, browse designs, and find the perfect flooring solution for your home.

Improved Search Functionality:

Our team enhanced the search functionality for a user-friendly experience. Users can easily search for carpets based on color, style, and filters, ensuring a refined and efficient browsing process.
Website for a carpet store. Browse a wide selection of rugs in various sizes, colors, and patterns. Shop now for the perfect carpet for your home.

Customizable Product Selection and Checkout:

This feature allows users to choose their desired carpet size, a way of delivery, and other details. This ensures a smooth and personalized shopping experience.
Product page from a website for a carpet company showcasing elegant designs, skilled craftsmanship, and exceptional service.

Custom algorithm to suggest other products for purchase:

This feature analyzes the client’s preferences and browsing history, intelligently suggesting complementary products aligned with their interests, thus improving overall satisfaction and making the client’s shopping journey more enjoyable.
Website for a carpet-selling company showcasing a variety of rugs, colors, and patterns for every style and budget.

Plugin for sales representatives:

We’ve added a feature that assigns customers to sales representatives based on their respective states. For example, a customer from Colorado will connect with a sales rep from Colorado. This ensures a personalized experience, allowing sales representatives to place orders in the name of the customers and access order statistics directly from their profiles.


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