MoneyMa: Personalized Self-Discovery Portal

Project duration: 7 months

About the client:

Our client addressed the challenge of self-discovery in a changing world by creating a user-friendly WordPress platform. By inputting basic details, users get personalized guidance based on Human Design and psychology. The streamlined process and responsive design make unlocking talents and potentials easy and accessible for everyone.

Problem client faced:

Our Client came up with an idea to address the challenge faced by many individuals in a rapidly changing world when they find themselves lost in a sea of uncertainty. Their solution was to provide a comprehensive and accessible platform for individuals to explore their talents and potentials guided by the principles of Human Design, innovative psychology, and a fresh perspective.

Our solution:

We developed a WordPress website – a concise guide to unlocking personal talents in work, business, and life. Free from unnecessary complexity, the platform integrates technologies like Human Design and innovative psychology. Users can calculate their personalized guide by providing accurate details, including name, email, phone, birthdate, and birth time. From life goals to effective communication styles, the platform provides users with insights tailored to their unique qualities and aspirations.
Screenshot showing home page

Key features:


Personalized Guidance

Users can easily get personalized guidance by entering basic information like their name, email, phone, birthdate, birthplace and birth time. This ensures that the advice they receive perfectly matches their unique qualities.
Screenshot showing contact form

Human Design Integration

Using Human Design API, the platform deeply explores users’ natural qualities and talents, providing a solid foundation for them to discover and comprehend their unique strengths and potentials.
Screenshot showing home page

Streamlined Registration Process

The registration process is straightforward, gathering only the necessary information for accurate guidance. This approach enables users to input their details easily, ensuring an efficient and user-friendly experience.

Responsive Design

The WordPress website features a responsive design, ensuring an excellent user experience on various devices and screen sizes. This adaptability guarantees accessibility for users on different platforms.


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