CCalendar: Seamless Event Management Platform

Project duration: 6 months

About the client:

Our client, a well-known publisher, wanted to switch their event calendar to digital for better accessibility and real-time updates. We created a user-friendly web application with a calendar with multiple view modes, making it easy for both event hosts and attendees. Our admin panel provides detailed insights into every aspect of the application, and calendar features like streaming events and in-site shopping enhance the user experience. This transition into digital space marks a significant shift towards a more dynamic platform.

Problem client faced:

The client faced a key issue in shifting from a paper-based events calendar to an online application. The old system, tied to printed media, had problems with accessibility, real-time updates, and user engagement. To keep up with the trend towards digital platforms, the client wanted a web-based solution. This switch brought challenges like designing a user-friendly interface and ensuring all kinds of events smoothly moved to the digital space. Our role was to make this shift easy, keeping the richness of their event information while making it more interactive and accessible online.

Our solution:

We created a simple and user-friendly web application to meet the client’s needs. Event Host Managers can easily post their events by logging into their accounts. People who want to attend these events, with or without their accounts, can easily find and add to their calendars with a simple click. They are also able to watch a streaming event on the event page. Local Business Managers can advertise their products and services in an effective but not annoying for users way. Our client’s admins can effortlessly manage the entire system using the Admin panel, making sure everything runs smoothly. This solution makes it easy for event organizers, businesses, and attendees, improving the overall experience while achieving the client’s goals.
Screenshot showing list of events

Key features:


Easy-to-Use Calendar:

Our platform offers an intuitive calendar interface offering multiple display modes. Users can effortlessly switch between grid and list views, ensuring a personalized event browsing experience tailored to their preferences.
Screenshot showing calendar with events

Comprehensive Admin Panel:

This feature lets users preview different product variations before making a purchase. It’s designed to be intuitive, allowing users to explore colors, sizes, and styles effortlessly.
Screenshot showing admin panel with list of events

Effortless Event Publication and Payment Cycle:

Simplifying event management, our platform facilitates seamless event publication from creation to payment and promotion.

Streaming Online Events:

With our platform, users can enjoy uninterrupted event streaming directly on the event page. Say goodbye to switching tabs or navigating away—watch events seamlessly while staying engaged with other platform features.
Screenshot showing the feature of online streaming

Ads Display for Businesses Promotion:

Our platform offers endless possibilities for businesses to promote their goods and services through strategic ad placements. From banner ads to sponsored listings, businesses can maximize their visibility and reach a wider audience, driving brand awareness and customer engagement.

In-Site Shopping for Relevant Products

Enhancing the user experience, our platform integrates in-site shopping capabilities, allowing users to purchase relevant products while browsing through various events.
Screenshot showing the checkout page


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