Web development

What makes a website successful: key steps to dominating the web

Have you ever wondered WHY does everything move towards digitalization? Why don’t we use tons of paper anymore? Why are students with smartphones sharper than …
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10 reasons why website update is a must

A laptop on a purple background
One can only imagine how hard it is to achieve success on the web. Business owners endlessly grind for traffic by collecting backlinks, creating content, …
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Latest web development trends: staying up-to-date with Devurai

icon displaying trend line
Current trends in web development are pushed by the latest web technology, which is consistently moving forward like nothing else. Groundbreaking new discoveries are being …
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How to make an eCommerce website: embrace your business with Devurai expert team

Cart with boxes
Let’s be fair, there’s only one way for any business with no eCommerce website in 2020. Down. According to Statista sales share of eCommerce will …
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