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latest web development trends

Current trends in web development are pushed by the latest web technology, which is consistently moving forward like nothing else. Groundbreaking new discoveries are being made almost every week. They directly impact and improve our day to day life, considering how digitally integrated it has become.

No wonder, that the competition for traffic is driven almost purely by these trends. The progression is moving towards maximizing efforts towards UI and UX, which means that every new trend is elevating the way your website looks, feels, and works to please its user.

Considering the pace at which new trends are emerging and dying, we consider it as our duty to provide a web technologies list that captures what is really hot today. The list includes:

  • Single Page Applications
  • Progressive Web Applications
  • WebAssembly
  • UI enhanced with motion and animation
  • Micro frontends

Let’s dive in!

Single Page Applications

The fist of the latest web development technologies on the list is Single Page Applications (SPA). Do you remember how homogenous Twitter’s website feels? What about your Instagram or Facebook feed? Remember that one skincare retailer with a long, beautiful home page? That’s exactly what SPA looks and feels like.

The trick is that all of these websites are based on JavaScript using the latest web tech- SPA. Without it, your website displays to the user by loading HTML pages one by one, which stands in the way of having a unified experience. SPA allows the dynamic rendering of all the pages on a single one by loading only the markups and data.

One more reason to highlight the SPA as one of the best trends in web development is its great responsiveness across all of the platforms (desktops, mobile, and tablets).

Implementation of the SPA will not only make UX go smooth but also the whole development process. Single Page Applications optimize the developer’s job by making it more straightforward.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) may be one of the most common and widely used new trends in web development. Its core ideology is in our pockets wherever we go, it connects billions of users 24/7, and serves as the biggest addiction of the last generation. Of course, we are talking about mobile phones!

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications are those websites, that simulate the mobile app experience. Quite a smart move, considering the well-known statistic about people spending 90% of their screentime in mobile apps. As people say: “Can’t fight them, join them!”

PWA’s are the ultimate choice for mobile users. If you also consider the fact that PWA’s are also not so challenging to make, there basically is no reason not to choose this new web tech. There’s no way for a social media website not to implement this technology for the mobile version of the site. It is also quite popular among eCommerce websites.


Talking about the optimization of the whole development process, we can’t forget about the wonders brought by WebAssembly. If you don’t need a simple website, but some sort of a web application, WebAssembly is your lifesaver considering the inconveniences, that JavaScript brings to the table.

As one of the current trends in web development, WebAssemly lets you basically emulate the most convenient coding language of your choice. Forget about JavaScript and how slow and bulky of a UX it makes for. The latest web tech makes it possible to compile any coding language into bytecode thus allowing it to work with the browsers.

Now you can provide actual working browser photo editors, games, music production software, and much more thanks to keeping up with the latest web technology trends. Start using WebAssembly to transform your UX.

Motion UI

An outstanding designer’s choice and a great example of trends in web development- motion and animation as a part of UI. New web tech allows us to do wonders while developing websites and applications, therefore allowing the most beautiful pages to be created. And the animation is quite often a part of what makes them beautiful.

Motion UI

Elaborate scrolls, fascinating clicks, mesmerizing backgrounds, and other astonishing visual pleasures elevate the UI to a whole new level. It even affects the UX by making casual crawling feel glamorous.

Micro frontends

To cut the long story short, microservices architecture is the norm now. Not trendy, but more like widely appreciated and commonly seen used by software developers. The problem is that this kind of backend development doesn’t really click with its monolithic frontend colleagues.

That’s what served as the reason to create micro frontends. Nobody wants to deal with monolithic interface architecture anymore. It’s harder to both develop AND support but thankfully there’s a solution- micro frontends!

Perhaps, the latest web technology to someone, but it comes as only rational to switch to this kind of code refactoring. Micro frontends technology is what makes it possible to segment a single monolithic interface into small manageable pieces. They are easier to handle while upgrading which prevents harming the entire UI. At the same time, they are much easier to develop because the whole process can be shared between several teams with their own scopes. Overall, a great finisher to the list of web technology trends.

Now let’s make your website trendy!

Now consider yourself a hypebeast of web development. With all this knowledge of current trends in web development, you should understand that they are not the ones to sleep on.

We hope you agree that being technologically conservative on the internet brings nothing but stagnation to your business. Let us upgrade you according to the latest trends in web development to continue being relevant online.


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