Organize work processes and reduce expenses with Devurai

Organize work processes and reduce expenses with devurai

Devurai is the team of experts that is eager to encourage you to come up with the best goods: from project planning to actual product creation. We would be glad to make your idea become real, create a team, develop a final product, and accomplish the estimated goals for your project.

Here comes the list of the main services provided by the Devurai company. Take a look at them to get a clear explanation of what is what and for which purposes the following services are best used:


This way of personnel management allows you to receive high-quality work, done within the specified period of time, without the need to control the process itself.

A distinctive feature of this service from personnel rental is the presence of the business process itself and professional support, confirmed by a drawn up contract.

There are two main concepts – outsourcing of personnel and business processes. The first type is the transfer of responsibilities of certain departments of the enterprise (for example, the accounting department, the personnel department, computer maintenance services) to the performers from the provider company.

At the same time, business process outsourcing is the deepest form of service, which implies a long-term and close relationship between the client and the outsourcer. This type of cooperation involves the transfer of not a single task to the performer, but a whole segment within their business. Unlike outsourcing, personnel may not be limited in time and a fixed budget.

the key objectives of outsourcing are

The purpose of outsourcing operations, therefore, is to save time and money and focus the company on its core activities.


The problem of outstaffing has long gained global popularity abroad. This specific system of contact with employees is favored by many businesses in the West. The attitude towards this form of personnel management is still very unclear in some countries, as many equate the legal service of removing workers from the state with illegal tax evasion.

The essence of the outstaffing service is simple: a company (usually a large one), wishing to focus as much as possible on solving key business issues, without being distracted by various HR problems, concludes an agreement with a provider, according to which the latter legally becomes the employer of the employees who were removed from the staff. At the same time, employees continue to work in the previous company, but are listed in the staff of the provider company. As a rule, outstaffing is used by companies with at least 100 employees. Putting it simpler, outstaffing is the use of the labor of specialists who are not part of the company’s staff, or basically a staff lease. The so-called “service” or auxiliary personnel is displayed as a staff:

  • secretaries;
  • ordinary accountants;
  • translators;
  • managers;                                                       
  • IT professionals, etc.

For these employees, according to the agreement, the provider company keeps all the documentation (accounting and personnel) for a certain fee.

Project planning

Even though, you have a brilliant idea your project will still remain a project without taking it from an intangible theory to tangible results.

The project manager would need to assemble a project plan in order to bring a project to completion. The project plan outlines the project’s cost, scope, and schedule. It sets out exactly what activities and tasks (from staff to equipment and financing, and how they can be obtained) will be required, as well as the resources needed. Good project preparation also covers risk factors and how to handle them, including contingency plans, and outlines a communication strategy to keep all stakeholders up to date.

The project planning phase is also known to be one of the most difficult stages for managers, as you should arrange all the tasks, procurement, contract some third-party suppliers, make an educated and well-studied assumption regarding the personnel, resources, and equipment necessary for the project.

the main purposes of this service are

– Consulting

Advising managers, management team, and other employees on financial, legal, investment, and other issues.

These are, in basic terms, suggestions, and professional guidance on business matters. The concept of consulting also includes analytics, the study of the company’s prospects and the study of the customer’s reserves.

It is considered that consulting services are primarily used by only those companies that find themselves in a difficult situation. But, despite this, the use of special help in various difficult situations is not the main purpose of consulting.

Its main purpose is to analyze, explain the implementation and application of scientific, organizational, and economic innovations. With all this, it is necessary to take into account the topic area, as well as the problem of the customer who applied. Along with this, consulting is a business activity that is carried out by professional consultants. It is aimed at serving consumers in the economy, management in consultations, and many other areas of various services.

main purposes of consulting are number 2


 All in all, we are providing services for both start-ups or already established leaders, nothing is a limit for us. Our team is glad to deliver high-quality service and excellent goods, by using appropriate technologies to achieve those aims. Every day we are focused on building the future. 

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