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Devurai is the team of experts that is eager to encourage you to come up with the best goods: from project planning to actual product creation. We would be glad to make your idea become real, create a team, develop a final product, and accomplish the estimated goals for your project.

Here comes the list of the main services provided by the Devurai company. Take a look at them to get a clear explanation of what is what and for which purposes the following services are best used:


This way of personnel management allows you to receive high-quality work, done within the specified period of time, without the need to control the process itself.

A distinctive feature of this service from personnel rental is the presence of the business process itself and professional support, confirmed by a drawn up contract.

There are two main concepts – outsourcing of personnel and business processes. The first type is the transfer of responsibilities of certain departments of the enterprise (for example, the accounting department, the personnel department, computer maintenance services) to the performers from the provider company.

At the same time, business process outsourcing is the deepest form of service, which implies a long-term and close relationship between the client and the outsourcer. This type of cooperation involves the transfer of not a single task to the performer, but a whole segment within their business. Unlike outsourcing, personnel may not be limited in time and a fixed budget.

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