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Redefining Medical Sites with Premium WordPress Solutions

Custom-Built WordPress Solutions for Healthcare, Powered by Our Proprietary Tools
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Why we are the best for you

Our mission is to elevate the digital presence of healthcare providers by delivering premium WordPress solutions that embody excellence, reliability, and innovation.
We foster a culture of technical prowess and client-focused collaboration to ensure that every project we undertake resonates with the values of compassion, respect, and teamwork.
Leveraging our unique, proprietary tools, we craft websites that are not just visually striking but also exceptionally reliable. From a parietail to a calcaneus, custom and ideal.

Unmatched Reliability

Built on secure, scalable, and fast-loading architecture, our websites promise an uninterrupted user experience.
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Design to standout

No templates, no blueprints. We match your vision, and the brand you are building
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Perfect Optimization

We created our own plugins, which ideally work between each other. No more issues with 3d party built plugins
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Pay and enjoy

It's not your job to worry about the site. We built our process where your role is just to tell us what you want, and enjoy the results
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Our approach
We offer a comprehensive, worry-free package that includes design, development, hosting, and ongoing support. We shun templates in favor of custom, high-performance solutions. Experience the Devurai difference today.

Our pricing

  • Custom UI/UX per your vision combined with our knowledge
  • Unlimited design reviews/revisions
  • Customly Developed WordPress site on our plugins (?) –> how to say the we use some not custom ones. Maybe tooltip?
  • 92+ Google Performance scores
  • Bug/Glitchless on any modern devise /browser
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$3,600 per year
We've build a process you can literally forget about your site, knowing it's perfomind IDEAL. We take on ourselves
  • All the updates
  • Checking if new browsers devices render the site ideally, so your customers have always the BEST experience
  • Be on top of security
  • Make sure your scores for google won't affect your CEO
In Total
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Full Branding

We will thoroughly analyze your product, competitors, and buyer personas. We'll create a brand model, infuse your logical business with emotional elements, and effectively communicate your brand to users through both verbal and visual channels.
$3,750 Change total cost

Visual Identity

We explore ratio and emotional parts of your brand and transform them into a consistent and attractive identity. Our main goal is to help your target audience recognise the soul of your brand through visual communication.
$2,050 Change total cost

Digital Marketing Foundation

Solve all your marketing problems and build a growth foundation at one stroke with our packages in 28 days


  • On-page SEO Foundation Performing basic SEO preparations to enable your website get ranked by Google to obtain targeted organic traffic. It contains: Keyword Research + Mini SEMantic Core design, Keyword Distribution among pages, Content Planning.
  • Tech SEO Audit Tech SEO audit to eliminate all the errors that may prevent 100% website ranking.
  • Content production SEO Optimized content production for 3 Pages. Main page + 2 Blog Pages. (8h per page).
  • Off-page Foundation: Link-building & Outreach Getting the first layer of Links needed for Google Ranking. 500-1000 Crowd, web 2.0, directories & 10 guest posts from industry related websites. *Additional Budget for links is needed.
$1,175 Change total cost

Paid Marketing

  • Ad Networks Management Launching test ad campaigns in Meta & Google to get first leads and obtain first analytics data. *Additional Budget for links is needed.
  • TAd Creatives Design Design of 5 Creative concepts + Resizes.
$600 Change total cost

Web Analytics

  • Setup & Customization of Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager + Google Search Console from Search. As a result, a client will have a fully-operational omni-channel web analytics that can be easily scaled.
  • Ad Pixels Customization (Advanced) Basic integration and customization of Facebook Pixel and Google Ads Remarketing (SnapChat, TikTok pixel?). As a result, a client will be able to collect data and a remarketing base. Then, launch remarketing and retargeting ads via any of the mentioned Ad Networks.
$350 Change total cost

Email Marketing

  • Email Funnel Design Design of a visual scheme depicting email base segmentation, email sequence logic, triggers & conditions, content topics and call to actions.
  • Content Prodcution Produciton of email content according to an email funnel.
  • Email Template Design Design of an email templates according to a clienet's branding and content.
  • Email Template Layout Email template coding according to design
  • Email Marketing Tool Setup & Customization The tool setup & customization according to the funnel. Then, launch of the funnel.
$700 Change total cost
In Total

What our Clients talk about Us

«Working with Devurai has been a rewarding experience. Their team’s technical expertise and dedication to quality have consistently delivered successful results for my projects. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking reliable software solutions.»

Sol S.
CEO at CodeBlue Ventures


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    What if I want a new feature

    Open answer
    It's simple: we evaluate it and take it to work (start working) during the next two weeks at a rate of $50 per development hour (QA/PM is included in the price)

    What if I have a very urgent request and I need you to do it

    Open answer
    Give us a call, we'll get to work instantly within 16 hours, at a rate of $75 per hour + $100 if the task is less than 2 hours.

    What if I want an update to your plugin

    Open answer
    We add this to the plugin backlog and prioritize updates base free and available to all customers

    What if I urgently need a site, but it is not working

    Open answer
    Our main task is to ensure that this does not happen in any case, except for live server updates, which we inform in advance and which do not take more than 30 minutes per month. We have to mention, that life is life and sometimes the site can be unreachable due to non related to our services issues (domain provider issues, global glitch), which happens occasionally world-wide.
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