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Prepared to Innovate Together! Our shared commitment to creativity and progress fuels our cooperative journey!
Your ideas, Our implementation
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Let's Kickstart Your Project

It usually takes us from 4 to 5 days to dive deep into your project uncovering it and tailoring our approach specifically to your needs.
100% success rate (Upwork-proven!)
100k+ hours of development experience
Step 1

Introductory call

Our potential journey together begins here. We introduce ourselves and discuss how to transform your ideas into actionable plans. Think of it as a brainstorming session with experts.

You share your vision of the future project and we work out the best path to follow. Based on our experience and knowledge, we build the overall strategy for the successful implementation of your concept.
  • Introduce ourselves and see if our values match. *We believe that without similar values it's impossible to build long-term relationships.
  • Familiarize you with our expertise to ensure we're the right fit for your needs.
  • Discuss the rates (you can also find those here) to ensure they align with your expectations.
  • Understand the requirements for the cooperation and/or project itself.
Step 2

Bring numbers to the table

After our introductory call, we typically require 1-3 working days to process the information we've gathered in order to prepare for our next discussion.

Our aim during this time is to refine the vision for our collaboration. This encompasses not only the approach, costs (including overall costs, phase costs, and any other relevant expenses), and technologies involved, but also, most importantly, determining the optimal method for our cooperation.
  • Estimation for the project, including its particular features & overall development costs.
  • Suggested approach based on the particular details of the cooperation, coming from our technical and management teams, per your previously articulated requirements.
  • Optional: we will also suggest a particular technology stack to be utilized, as well as high-level architecture, in case it's something you still lack.
Step 3

Adjust the vision and find common ground

After about an hour of communication, we won't just present you with the ideal vision. This marks the perfect time for us to pause, recap, and analyze all the information we've gathered so far. We'll use this opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to ensure we're on the right track.
  • Updated estimation and team setup to align with current requirements.
  • Revised approach to ensure it meets the project's evolving needs.
  • Updated technology stack.
Step 4

Agree on the starting date, sign contracts

Once we receive your "call to arms," we jump right into action and begin planning the assignment of our team members. Typically, it takes us between 2 to 4 weeks to assign developers, as they are dedicated to projects full-time. This period is ideal for us to focus on all the necessary preparations for a successful launch. In many cases, we can commence work on business analysis, designs, and project planning almost immediately.

This is also the opportune moment for us to finalize all contracts, whether through Upwork or directly, and agree on the terms of communication, systems/utilities, project architecture, and so forth.
  • Establish clear start dates and schedules for smooth operations.
  • Prepare designs, specifications, and other necessary deliverables for successful development.
  • Onboard each other to the tools and processes we use.
  • Ensure all contracts are signed to confirm our commitment to the project.
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