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devurai custom software development service

Do you wonder which investment will make your business more agile, scalable, and remarkably efficient? We are not magicians to grant all of your wishes with a single *swoosh*, but we sure can develop a custom software solution tailored to the most specific needs of yours!

In a nutshell, customized software works like a tailor that makes you a perfect suit by measure. But there’s a distinct difference between those two. While a tailored suit will be the nicest fit on your body, custom software will serve as something more than just an accessory. The practical use of custom software is truly valuable and irreplaceable when it comes to business. Want to know why? Let’s dive in!

What is custom software development and why would you bother about it?

What is custom software development and why would you bother about it

Customized software (aka “bespoke software”) is designed, deployed, and maintained to meet the needs of a customer. Which means any given feature that reflects the unique requirements of your industry, any whim of your employees or clients can be translated into a piece of software.

Bespoke software development is especially useful in niche industries. Casual software alternatives simply can’t take into account the needs of all the niche industries. That is when custom software development service comes in handy!

Taking into account all the great things about custom software, you don’t need a specially tailored piece of software for every aspect of your work. Maybe, you don’t have the time or money to afford brand new bespoke software. And that’s OK! Even though, in the long run, custom software for small business works fabulously, in some cases, it really is more efficient to grab one of those offerings available on the market.

So what are the exact reasons to implement custom software?

1. Find the right approach to your problems with development solutions

If you find yourself dissatisfied with the available product of the software providers, if you need an extra layer of security or something more suitable to your government regulations, if you want your software to be consistently supported, maintained, and updated, then custom software development is what you’d wish for this Christmas.

Customized software is the way to meet the most specific requirements. SME’s benefit from it greatly as it aids to survive within the modern competition. 

Secure the data of your clients, employees, and yourself, provide services that are ahead of the curve, manage your team however you see fit. All that and more thanks to bespoke software! All you need to do is think hard about all the requirements that are needed to be implemented. But don’t worry, our consultants and researchers will aid you! Schedule a call if you need any help with that.

2. Find a lower price tag with customized software

It might sound baffling to you, but if you really think of it, custom software solutions are actually cheaper than the ready-made products on the market. Of course, we are talking about long-term investments here.

First of all, take into account the fact that most of the non-custom software license comes with monthly or annual subscription fees. You may be paying less for the first period of time, but at the end of the day, the price tag will exceed one of the custom developer. But for now, hold the idea of the overpriced software in your mind.

Let’s assume that you don’t lose much money while using the widely available product. It is probably targeted for a bigger audience then your niche. Which means a huge load of features that you will never ever use! Don’t we all have some software with features that we don’t even know about? To be frank, there’s no such thing as “too many features” these days, but you are paying for them! That’s right, you pay for the whole package of unnecessary functions, which is already overpriced.

So paying for the “please them all” features is definitely a loss of money. But what about all those specific niche functions and customizations? Without them, you definitely lower the overall productivity, which also converts into money.

Find a lower price tag with customized software

Here you go! Bespoke software isn’t so pricy after all, isn’t it?

3. Spice things up with the niche extra features and boost your productivity with automatization

By now you should understand that custom software development service will bring you the most unique and specific features and functionalities that your business will ever need. Obviously, the casual non-custom software developer can’t please all the niches like that.

But the practical value doesn’t end there! Bespoke software isn’t just the best fit for your company at the moment. It will continue being relevant, thanks to updates and continuous development. Devurai will continue tailoring the initial custom software according to your emerging needs. Now what non-custom developer will do that?

As you and your company evolve, new tasks and ways of doing them will eventually emerge, some of the previous ones will stay as one of the most boring and repetitive procedures, which means that they can be fully or partially automated! Why waste time and money doing these chores? Investigate possibilities for automatization to elevate your productivity to a new level with Devurai!

4. Guard up with the extra security of bespoke software

As a business owner (especially in the eCommerce industry) you should know about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). If it’s news to you, GDPR is basically a law that will make you pay huge reparations in case if your client-database gets hacked. Information leakage harms your customers and they have the right to make you responsible for the damage.

Talking about security, customized software takes the lead once again. Why? Because the non-custom software is tailored towards the masses, which means that the source code is much more accessible to the hackers. This very source code can be simply copypasted from the Github into a massive, easily hackable trashcode. 

Compare this “mass-produced” coding with the carefully tailored architecture of our custom software and you will see the obvious difference. If the database of yours is really important to you, consider looking into bespoke software development services. Devurai always listens carefully to the needs of its clients. After conducting the research stage, we will make sure that you will get the most secure, efficient, and functional piece of software!

Let’s do a brief recap, shall we?

To summarise, the custom software development will serve you as a

  • more functional,
  • fully tailored,
  • less risky,
  • optimized,
  • cheaper,
  • updated on demand,
  • sustainably maintained,
  • and much more efficient alternative to what is already available on the market.

Is there a reason not to invest in custom software? Well again, only if you are desperately limited in terms of time and money. In all the other cases, you basically lose money by not using any customized software! Contact our team to find out how you will benefit from it!


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