App vs website or both? The ultimate guide about all online presence aspects

app vs website or both the ultimate guide about all online presence aspects

People’s online habits change ever so often. It’s true that mobile activity is growing rapidly, people spend more and more time on their phones. Naturally, a question pops up: what should I choose to invest in? Mobile apps or mobile websites?

In this article, we will go through the main pros and cons of both: apps and websites, to give you an understanding of which is the right pick for a start. But remember, at the end of the day, the two are equally essential to any business. One can’t ultimately replace another.

A friendly reminder: even though the mobile industry is still booming, it’s no reason to abandon desktop web development. According to 2018 statistics, people do visit more websites on their phones, than on computers (58% vs 42%), but if you look into these visits, you will see another picture: average time visit of a desktop user is almost twice as long as the mobile user (11.52 min vs 5.95 min). So what you definitely should invest in is desktop web development.

Why choose app development?

Apps are a great way to communicate with your clients. They are engaging, have more options and functionality, provide a unique experience, and are generally closer to the user than the web application.

Why choose app development?

People spend more time on apps, then in the browser (90% of the screen time actually), but have you ever thought of how hard it is to penetrate someone’s phone with a download? Nobody wants to litter their storage with a random app, so be ready to go full-on in terms of marketing. Take note of 51% of US users, who download ZERO new apps in a month.

But if you do manage to get those downloads coming, congratulations. Mobile apps are nothing but awesome in terms of personalization and communication with clients. The main feature of any mobile app is its notifications. It’s the biggest advantage of app development, aside from an absolute superior convenience of quality apps and an offline mode. 

HTML5 allows developers to do wonders with mobile apps by using smartphone camera features, gyroscope, geolocation API, push notifications, and much more. With mobile apps, opportunities do seem limitless.

Why choose web development?

Well, first and foremost, a web page is far more accessible than an app. Considering all the benefits that apps bring into our lives, a web page is far easier to get around. Moreover, you don’t need a specific android or iOS app development to provide a working website. While apps do need a special version for each system.

Why choose web development?

We think that it’s best to start your way to developing an actual quality mobile application with a mobile version of the website. It’s quite rare to see a product that has a dedicated application for it rather than a website.

It’s also worth mentioning, that there’s nothing more frustrating than the absence of a mobile version of a website. People do browse more on their handheld devices, so don’t take away your web applications 

Last, but definitely not least, the web development cost is usually lower, than what mobile app development companies ask. Which makes it perfect to start with. Embark on your journey to the users’ phones with a nice mobile version of a website. And our development team can always help you on your way!

Why the combination of mobile apps and websites works best?

While it does seem a little too expensive to develop both an app and a mobile website, it sure does have a bang for its buck. This duo provides a unique opportunity for expansion and further development of your company. 

A mobile website provides efficiency and ease to anybody, who has found you on the web, using a phone, while an app will make growing and maintaining your clientele as smooth and effective, as it gets.


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