A few useful WordPress plugins you’ve probably never heard of

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We all know of the most popular plugins which majority of us use. There’re tons of lists, aggregators and researches regarding the main plugins you must use for your WordPress. Just in case you didn’t see that:

Although, I decided to suggest you a small few useful WordPress plugins you have probably never heard of. I use them on a daily basis as a WordPress consultant and suggest them to anyone, who might need a bit bigger dive into their setup.

1. Simple History

Meet Simple History, a must-have free plugin for anyone who want to be on top of their site! This tool keeps a record of all major changes made in the admin panel and displays them on a separate page. It’s much more powerful than the default post-revisions feature.

Here’s what Simple History can do for you:

  • Track Changes in ACF Fields: Keep tabs on any changes made in Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Filter History: Easily find specific changes by date, keyword, or user.
  • Developer-Friendly: Comes with many documented hooks for developers.

Simple History is perfect if you have a lot of users making frequent changes on your site. It lets you see exactly who did what and when. Plus, you can check which plugins have been updated automatically and see who has accessed or attempted to access the admin area.

Almost forgot: you need to analyze the data? No problem! You can export all history data to a CSV file.

I personally use it all the time, as upon consulting it might be needed to see changes which other users made, so my work isn’t lost.

Link to WordPress library

2. View Admin As

Managing a website with multiple users can indeed be challenging. However, this free admin plugin simplifies this process by allowing you to switch users seamlessly, both within the admin panel and directly on the site.

Key Features:

  • Easy User Selection: switch between users by their ID, name, or email.
  • Secure and Confidential: Switch users without revealing their passwords.

In addition to these features, this plugin also enables you to edit user profile data directly, bypassing any admin panel limitations. This ensures that you have complete control over user management while maintaining the utmost security and confidentiality.

Link to WordPress library

3. WooCommerce Manual Payment

Another handy plugin for WooCommerce admins or managers (partially free) that allows you to make payments directly on the order page in the admin panel.

  • Ideal for Various Orders: Perfect for postpaid or manually added orders.
  • Multiple Gateway Support: integrates with popular gateways like Stripe, Authorize.Net, and eWAY.

Refunds are supported in the paid version.

Link to free version

Link to paid version

4. Phone Orders For Woocommerce

The last but definitely not the least – a partially free plugin for WooCommerce admins or managers that allows you to manually create orders on a separate page in the admin panel.

  • Accelerated Processing: speeds up order creation significantly, compared to the default functionality.
  • Flexible Product Support: handles non-standard product types like subscriptions, bookings, or composite products.
  • Simple Integration: just add a pre-built snippet to your theme to unlock these capabilities.
  • Developer Assistance: Provides a lot of undocumented hooks for developers, offering extensive customization options.

In the paid version, in addition to the large number of settings, there is an option to display the manual orders page directly on the site, as well as to pay for the order on behalf of the customer.

Link to free version

Link to paid version

I hope it’s helpful. Just let me know if you want to hear more, or you need a particular help or just a suggestion for your site. I really enjoy providing WordPress consultancy: it motivates finding very untypical solutions, as even the most common requests never end up being solved the same way.

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