Alpha Audio
Being an expert in sound and video equipment, our Client shared their knowledge by posting reviews on their website. It was using outdated technology and design, so we were addressed with the need to migrate to the latest version. Besides, they were using two websites (in Dutch and in English) which was uncomfortable, and it took too much time to switch between the two languages. So, during our fruitful cooperation, our Client made a decision to move all the data to one domain. Despite numerous challenges faced during the development, our team managed to perform all the required work within the estimated timeline.
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Payment Gateway: for WooCommerce
Our plugin allows you to start accepting payments for your e-commerce business with the payment gateway! You can easily streamline processing and increase revenues with our built-for-success payment plugin. Our plugin facilitates seamless integration of the payment gateway into WordPress sites, catering to the needs of current users of the gateway. Furthermore, this development opens up new avenues for the client, allowing them to reach out and offer their payment gateway services to a broader audience: those businesses which employ WordPress as a platform for their online presence.
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NestlBedding is a e-commerce website built on WordPress, the first version of which was developed within a tight two-week timeframe. To meet this deadline, we employed an effective solution. The key feature of the website is its use of WordPress as a Sales Relationship Management (SRM) tool, which has proven highly successful. The platform allows for the inclusion of diverse product variations, simplifies the creation of personalized discounts, and offers users a customized payment process.
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