Product Constructor & Shipping calculation
The system allows the client to calculate the shipping cost of any package regardless of the volume and parameters of the cargo. The shipping rules could be easily edited however the need through the admin panel of the site. Despite some of the technologies being new to us, we met all the expectations and more – finished the project much earlier than was estimated.
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Our software is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of item delivery management seamlessly. One of the key highlights is its ability to oversee the entire item delivery lifecycle.
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We developed a B2C e-commerce platform, creating a custom front-end store. This innovative approach empowered end customers to make independent purchases, granting them a user-friendly interface to explore products, make selections, and securely complete transactions.
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Magazine Distribution System
The key point of this project was to create a magazine distribution management tool for private CRM. It automates all the system processes that computerize and analyze data collection.
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