The idea of the project was to design a website crawler which makes it easy to identify areas of any site that need improvement. By focusing on the most important changes first, users can make a big impact on their website’s overall performance. Whether it’s fixing broken links, improving site speed, or optimizing content, the system can help pinpoint the most pressing issues. By addressing these issues first, users can achieve faster results and see a significant improvement in their website’s SEO.
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Alpha Audio
Being an expert in sound and video equipment, our Client shared their knowledge by posting reviews on their website. It was using outdated technology and design, so we were addressed with the need to migrate to the latest version. Besides, they were using two websites (in Dutch and in English) which was uncomfortable, and it took too much time to switch between the two languages. So, during our fruitful cooperation, our Client made a decision to move all the data to one domain. Despite numerous challenges faced during the development, our team managed to perform all the required work within the estimated timeline.
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Our Client values their customers and needs a skilled workforce to offer great services. To track their sales team’s progress and boost motivation, they wanted a clear sales data presentation. Our solution was a smart dashboard linked to their sales department software. It set goals for the whole company and individual salespeople, promoting friendly competition and higher productivity.
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Documents Management System for schools
In the era of digital document management, our Client’s customers still had to process a vast array of paper files, from admission records and student transcripts to course materials and administrative paperwork. The main task of our team was to organize the entire documentation process with efficiency and ease. Furthermore, we had to go beyond document management, empowering educational institutions to handle fee collections effortlessly and maintain financial stability.
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TrialLine is a SaaS web application designed for law firms and attorneys to simplify the case management process. It is developed to share and organize case information, visually represent a case story, and present them in trials. It helps to create customized legal timelines that clearly and convincingly communicate the important details of your case, and display them in easy-to-understand, event-by-event detail.
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MedicalAdvice CRM
We have developed an extensive and meticulously curated database encompassing many doctors and hospitals. This comprehensive repository is a trusted resource, housing detailed listings and vital information about medical professionals and healthcare facilities.
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