Property evaluation automation system
The central aim of this project was to improve the efficiency of gathering data related to properties listed for sheriff’s sales. This involves creating a process for categorizing and organizing these properties within the system. The primary concept was based on the consolidation of essential information into a unified platform, simplifying data collection and assessment procedures. By doing so, the project optimized the overall workflow and ensured a comprehensive approach to managing properties slated for sheriff’s sales. This centralized approach not only expedites data collection but also improves the accuracy and effectiveness of property evaluation processes.
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Payment Gateway: for WooCommerce
Our plugin allows you to start accepting payments for your e-commerce business with the payment gateway! You can easily streamline processing and increase revenues with our built-for-success payment plugin. Our plugin facilitates seamless integration of the payment gateway into WordPress sites, catering to the needs of current users of the gateway. Furthermore, this development opens up new avenues for the client, allowing them to reach out and offer their payment gateway services to a broader audience: those businesses which employ WordPress as a platform for their online presence.
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Our client, acting as an intermediary between healthcare institutions and medical care receivers, lacked a comprehensive system to unite all processes and participants. We provided a web application that integrated multiple features, including payment processing, mailing, and tracking. This integration made financial settlements transparent, accurate, and effortless for all parties involved. With our all-inclusive system, healthcare institutions and medical care receivers can seamlessly manage their transactions, improving overall efficiency and ensuring a smooth and reliable payment process.
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Payment Gateway
Time is a valuable resource in every business, and our client was experiencing losses as a result of a sluggish and unresponsive payment gateway system. The delays and inefficiencies in processing payments were hindering their operations, leading to revenue loss and hampering overall business productivity. To address this challenge, our team aimed to implement a faster and more responsive payment gateway system to optimize payment processing and enhance the client’s business performance.
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